Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cultural Conflicts

In the story, there are many conflicts between the British and Indian people and cultures. What cultural conflicts have you noticed between your home country and the US? Explain. (Student ID)


  1. There are not many conflicts between my home country El Salvador and US. But there is one that is a very big conflict that still now people in my home country aren't happy about is that is that US offer to El Salvador to changed their own money which it was El Colon for Dollar many people didn't want to changed the Goverment of El Salvador did change it that it has been a big conflict between ES and US. 988649

  2. The conflicts between Bangladesh and US is nothing because Bangladesh is a small country in southern Asia. We have no problem
    with other country. We like to Independence country. We do everything our self.


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  4. I am living in a foreign country and there are many different cultures. I have seen many mistakes that are made by the illiterate people who do not have any education at all. That is one of the problems to put two different cultures together or more because we saw a lot of discrimination in the country. 996462.