Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cultural Conflicts

In the story, there are many conflicts between the British and Indian people and cultures. What cultural conflicts have you noticed between your home country and the US? Explain. (Student ID)

Have you observed discrimination?

Have you ever seen discrimination--either in your home country or in this country? Explain. (Student ID)


The British headmistress and the teachers discriminated openly against the Indian students. Have you ever had an experience with discrimination? Explain your situation. (Student ID).


This question has nothing to do with "By Any Other Name": Now that the school year is ending, what advice would you give to students who come to Arlington Mill next September? What should they know about Dr. Kennedy's Eng 9/10 class? What should they do to succeed? (Student ID).

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


What differences between the British and the Indians did the girls notice (even on the first day!)? (Student ID).

Dual Personality

Explain Cynthia's/Santha's dual personality. (Student ID)>

The British School

Explain. Why did the girls have to go to the British school? (Student ID)